On this page you will find just a couple of success stories and unsolicited testimonials of the people that re-gained their lives from the living hell of sarcoidosis.



The trademark sign of the Aden Protocol is the Aden Lotus. Introducing the Aden Protocol badge.

It is a way of spreading the word and helping people with sarcoidosis diagnosis learn about the only system that actually gives results. I wear my badge wherever I go. I hope you'll be asking me to send you one very soon.


So when you see someone on the street passing by you wearing a white badge with a gray wild lotus on it, know that that person did it, too. She/he beat sarcoidosis using the Aden protocol. It is a sign of recognition for all of us.


By now, at least a dozen of people have asked me about the badge and the story behind it, because they or someone they love is a sarcoidosis sufferer. Some of these people are my personal friends today. Most of them are in remission and are living normal and healthy lives.

Below are a couple of success stories that I found especially moving:



Maya and Pascal

Success story no.1: Maya and Pascal Sniijder, Rotterdam, Holland


"Hi Danielle, I am Maya and I am happy to share my experience...

...after a couple of months of breathing problems and chronic leucopenia, I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2004 and they soon found it in my eyes and my spleen. My spleen was so severely involved that I had to have an urgent splenectomy. Then, I was keeping it under control for a year or so with heavy doses of Cortisol and Prednisone. From there it was all ups and downs. And yes, I just got married back then and was trying for a child with my husband Pascal. No luck for 2 years. They weren't sure if it's the sarcoidosis.

I bought your book in March last year. What can I say? November last year was the first time in 4 and a half years that my eyes weren't hurting and GUESS WHAT... today I am two months pregnant. If it's a girl I'll call her Danielle. I wear my Aden Lotus badge with pride. It is what gave me back my freedom and a normal life.


Love from Holland,"

Maya Sniijder (Rotterdam, Holland)




Success story no.4: Ajou Daniels, Baltimore, Maryland

"...I've been first diagnosed with sarcoidosis when I went to my doctor to seek help with breathing problems. Soon, they discovered mild forms of it in the lungs, spleen and my bones. CT scan of my pelvic area showed evidence of osteosclerosis. Just 3 months after I was diagnosed. I was tired all the time and had infections that just won't go away...in my throat, in my ear...I was a complete mess. I tried everything and nothing seemed to help.

But when I found out about your book 14 months ago, that all changed completely. I simply started getting better before all the symptoms just faded completely. Have not had any symptoms for 6 months now.

Love from Baltimore,"

Ajou Daniels (Baltimore, Maryland)



Success story no.5: Wanda Kerensky, London, UK

"Dear Danielle,


I just want to tell you this...this last Christmas Eve I was rushed to the hospital because I blacked out in a shopping mall after a severe onset of lung constriction. My doctors told me that it was because my brain did not have enough oxygen. It was then that I realised that I have to get of my a.. and do something for myself instead of taking everything for granted. I found out about your program online and have been using it with great success for 2 months. The wheezing is almost gone and it did wonders for my energy levels...I will inform you how things progress.


Love from London..."

Wanda Kerensky (London, UK)




Success story no.6: Emily Dobson, Port Hedland, Australia


"Dear Mrs. May,

..in January 2007 I started loosing the sight in my left eye and they soon found sarcoidosiss lesions in my brain. I was soon on steroids and it was a roller coaster ride, both physically and emotionally. I was bit better just before I was much worse. I started loosing hope. It was just downhill for me from there obviously...

...I bought your book last year and I was shocked with how little I actually knew about this thing that was changing my life beyond repair. I am now 6 months in remission and I feel like never before. The pressure to my eye nerve is gone and my vision is getting better every day. They say it will never be like it was before this whole thing because the scarring did too much damage. I keep myself from thinking what would've happened to me if I haven't found out about the Aden Protocol...

God Bless,"

Emily Dobson (Port Hedland, Australia)



Success story no.7: Dwight Johnson, Columbus, Ohio

"Dear Danielle,

a year ago I started feeling a lump in my lower back. I could not feel it under my fingers, but it was just in some positions when I leaned back. Very soon I started losing the feeling in my right leg and I after the X-ray and tests they found sarcoidosis in my spine and my lungs. They started me with heavy doses of Prednisone, but I wasn't getting any better. In October 2009, I was in a wheelchair because I completely lost the feel of my right leg and only the same thing started happening with my left leg. I was terrified and in panic...I heard about the Aden protocol towards the end of last year and I got a copy of your ebook and read it in one breath. I am happy to say that now, 6 months living by your recommendations I am up and about again and I off steroids for a month.

Thanks for sharing"


Dwight Johnson (Columbus, Ohio)



Success story no.8: Debby Ewan Hobbs, Tucson, Arizona


"On Christmas Eve 2008 I was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia. It was the worst Christmas Eve ever and I basically never got better until I got your eBook. That week was just a start. I had severe sarcoidosis lesions in my lungs and in my brain. Soon, my smell and taste senses started getting worse and by mid 2009 I was half of a woman. I also got edema which would come on during the day and then I would spend half the night peeing it all back out again. Up to 8-10 times a night on the loo. I was spending my days in the bed as my husband was joggling with our baby boy and his day job. It was the worst time of my life.

When I got your eBook last year I was overwhelmed and furious at my doctors. I realized how much I was wrong about most of the things regarding my condition. I slowly planned my healing and took it one step at a time. It is the beginning of 2010 as I am writing this letter and I feel great. I am not in complete remission but I function just like a normal person. I am looking forward to completely beating this thing.

Hugs from Arizona"


Debby Ewan Hobbs (Tucson, Arizona)



Success story no.9: Jenny Howard, New York, USA


"I have battled sarcoidosis for 5 years when I found out about your protocol. I had a very complicated case of iritis and lung lesions. It just felt as if nobody understands. I was only able to do a part time job from home and my life revolved around sarcoidosis...I could never thank you enough for sharing the what I can only describe as eye-opening and life changing information...God bless"


Jenny Howard (New York, USA)




Success story no.10: Allain Gourcuff, Reims, France


"In 2004 I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis after almost going blind because of the eye involvement that my doctors could not figure out. I also had a heart murmur because of mild heart involvement. They told me that this way my new life and that there was no way around it. They gave me glasses that were as thick as my pinky and let me go home."

I found out about your book from a friend back at the USA who is an immigrant there. I read it in one breathe and was starting to change my life as soon as the day after. Today, most of my eye sight is back and I have no lesions in my heart. I am completely off steroids and eternally grateful"

Allain Gourcuff (Reims, France)





Success story no.10: Tony Payton, Fresno, USA


" Hi Danielle,

My story is really not for the faint-hearted. They say most people get sarcoidosis in their lungs. With me it seemed that I had it everywhere but in my lungs. I had severe lesions and scarring in my bladder and kidneys, and some milder in my heart, which they say is the most dangerous and deadly kind in almost half of the cases within 5 years from what I hear.

I was on heavy doses of Prednisone for so long that I have developed such a case of body shake and tremor that I practically never went out for some7-8 months...I thank god and all the angels that I found your website and got your ebook. It is what allowed me to be a normal person once again.


I love the looks on my doctors' faces as they stare at that X-ray..."

Tony Payton (Fresno, USA)




This is just a small part of over 300 testimonials I have about the efficiency of the Aden protocol. I hope that your testimonial will be on these pages within a couple of months.


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