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Even if you are completely new to the affiliate/internet marketing, you can easily promote Sarcoidosis Remission-Aden Protocol.


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And the great thing is - being an affiliate you don't have to worry about anything else besides sending visitors to our website.

No hassle of developing a product, taking care of delivery or customer services issues.



Dear marketing partner and friend,


If you want to earn additional income online, or you want to make a full time living by selling online, then you are on a great starting point and it is critical that you read through this entire page.

You are an ideal candidate if you fit any of these categories:


You are new to the internet affiliate marketing and you are looking to get started.

Why ?

Because for you start you need a product that will actually sell. There is nothing worse then the disappointment of futile efforts.

Because this product is one of the few that will offer instant 1-on-1 affiliate support and help you every step of the way. While other products teams say that they will answer your questions within 2 days, we commit to doing so within 8 hours of any request or question.


Are you one of those people that are sick and tired of health solution gimmicks that even if you sell a copy of, you can just hope that the customer will be to lazy to ask for a refund.

Well, this is the real deal, this book offers instant relief and help that is second to none to a burning issue - sarcoidosis, a disease that modern medicine is powerless with.


You're an experienced online marketer that would like to tap into the health niche with a unique, competition-free product.


You are just an average web surfer that is active online on forums and communities and would like to make some extra cash from the time spent online.


If you fit any of the above categories, then there is nobody better suited for making it by promoting this exciting breakthrough product.


If you are new to affiliate marketing, then let us explain some of the basic facts and terms:


Who is an affiliate?


An affiliates is a person that is paid commission from every sale to people they refferred to our website. So, someone comes from your website or using a link or your blog or just a link you left on a forum thread and then ends up buying the book you are paid 65% of the sale. Doesn't matter if she/he buys the book imediately or within 60 days, you get your money. It's that simple.


Who pays me?


The money is automatically deposited into your Clickbank account. Later on this page we will look into how to open one of those. It's could not be simpler and it's completely free. After the deposit, you receive your paycheck every 2 weeks.


Who handles the entire process of purchase and delivery?


We handle the entire order process as well as all of the customers' questions, technical problems and other issues. Your only job is to drive targeted traffic to our website. Once you make a sale you have no further responsibility to the customer.


How much can I make?


This is entirely up to you and how passionately you promote the product and there is no limit to how much you can make.

Average is $90-120 per every 100 visitors you send.


The possibilities are endless! You make 65% on all sales, big or small. Do The Math!


Excited yet?


If it sounds interesting, let me ask you a simple question...


What do you look for in a product
that you decide to promote?


If you start reading about affiliate marketing and ways to do it and do it good, I promise you will get so overwhelmed that you will just want to get up from the computer. Well, the truth is...

It's much simpler then they want you to think.

And if there is any secret to internet marketing, it is to be able to filter the unnecessary clutter of half-truths out there and get to the bottom of things.

There are a couple of things that are crucial and make the difference between burning yourself through hard word for nothing and getting that financial freedom that you always wanted.

We are now getting to the part of this page that I like to call...


"What If I Told You..." part


So, without much talk, let's keep it simple and look into what is really important.

You must make sure that:

A. It's a high quality product

This will make or destroy your campaign. The times that people will just buy anything online are history. Today, the customer is so much brighter when choosing what to spend his hard earned money on.

And apart from that, they will ask for a refund if not satisfied much more often then they used to . So, open 4 eyes when choosing a product.

A1: Is this a high quality product ?

What if I told you that it took more then 7 months to write this book and it comes from a renowned author in the health and wellness niche. It comes from someone that actually battled this disease and knows how to speak to the souls of the sufferers.

We can go on and on, but the fact that we never went over 3% of refunds speaks for itself.

B: The product sells

What good is a great product if the people that it is meant for are not buyers?

B1: Does this product sell?

What if I told you that there is no stronger motivation then the one driving people that buy this product?

Illness and pain are truly the greatest motivators. Just take a moment and think about it and then make you decision.

That is what makes this product so hot selling. There are a lot of sites out there that will claim that their product converts 10-15% and it's all hype. As simple as that.

This product converts 3% to 4%. This means that 3-4 people that come to the page end up buying the book.

C: The sales letter is top notch
Even the strongest product can have lousy sales if the writer of the page fails to get the message about the benefits across.
C1: Does this product have a good sales letter?

What if I told you that the most important part of the sales letter - the headline was written by one of the most renowned writers in direct marketing today?

Yes, the title was written specifically for this product by Mr. Ted Nicholas "the 6 billion dollar man" himself. Period.

What if I told you that the sales copy was written by a experienced copywriter that is in Mr. Nicholas's mentoring program?

What if I told you that the copy was tweaked and tested over a long period of time for maximum conversions?

I rest my case.

D: The product solves an actual problem

Let me ask: "What would you rather promote, a cheat sheet for a computer game or a book that offers a cure for cancer (if there was one)?

C1: Does this product solve an actual problem?

What if I told you that in the times of crisis, 98% of people will spend money only if they have to. Would you agree?

And these people have to, because this book solves the biggest problem in their lives - the hell of a disease called SARCOIDOSIS.

What more there is to say? Just put yourself in their shoes...

D: The market for the product is big enough
If you solve a problem that only a few people in the world suffer from, then you better think again. You need the market to sell to.
D1: Is the market for this product big enough?

I will make it real simple here:

Only on Google there are over 400.000 monthly searches of sarcoidosis and tightly related terms.

E: The competition is not too big

This is one of the things that you need to make sure of. Yes, there is a couple of million monthly searches for the words "weight loss" on Google but there are also literally thousands of products that are offered.

This means that everything that you might think of doing as a promotional effort, someone has already done it.

Result - no room for anything or anyone new.

E1: What is the competition to this product?

What if I told you that the competition to this product is ZERO?

Yes, this is the only book offering natural alternatives for sarcoidosis sufferers. How amazing is that?

F: You can make a considerable amount of money from each sale

This is otherwise known as the commission percentage.

What good are your efforts if you make 10 or twelve dollar for every 100 people that you refer.

F1: What is the commission percentage for this product?

The commission for this product is a great 65%.

Since the book is at a price point of $37, this means that your commission is around $ 21.5 ( $1 + 7.5% goes to Clickbank).


But how do I promote the book and get visitors?

There are many effective ways to market the eBook. Some of them are: placing highly visible links or banners on a high traffic website, promoting through PPC engines, advertising on e-zines, advertising by writing related articles, writing a good PR and many others.


But, first things first.


In order to start promoting this revolutionary eBook you need to complete the following 2 basic steps:


1. Create your FREE Clickbank affiliate account

If you are a new affiliate and don't have a Clickbank account yet, please visit www.Clickbank.com and create your free account. If you're new to affiliate marketing and need help creating your referral links, simply visit our Affiliate Resource and Training Section (Step 2) and learn how easy it is.


2. Bookmark and explore our rich affiliate resources section

This is a member only area where we have included all the marketing tools and knowledge that you'll need to start earning money from the program right now.

This center is jam packed with all the knowledge that you need to get fast ahead. It simplified and stripped down to basics that are all you really need. Hype-free and straight-forward this manual will lead you through the process of becoming a super-affiliate.


But, to be a super affiliate you need a super product to promote. If that is what you want, then this is the most important letter you have ever or will ever read.


To your prosperity and success,

Danielle May
Affiliate Program Manager
Author, Sarcoidosis Remission - Aden Protocol
Gentle Wellness Publishing Inc.




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