Sarcoidosis and the lungs


The lungs are usually the first site involved in sarcoidosis. Official record show that about 90 % of people that are diagnosed with sarcoidosis experience some sort of lung symptoms sooner or later. Nearly one third of these patients show respiratory symptoms.

These symptoms include:

It is thought that sarcoidosis of the lungs begins with alveolitis (inflammation of the alveoli), the tiny sac like air spaces in the lungs where carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged. Alveolitis either clears up spontaneously or leads to granuloma formation. Eventually fibrosis can form, causing the lung to stiffen and making breathing even more difficult.


Sarcoidosis of the lungs – an overview


As you probably already know, there most common characteristic of sarcoidosis is the formation of tiny lumps of cells in the various organs that then present a huge issue for the body of the sufferer. The Aden protocol reveals how the formation of this lumps is triggered in sarcoid patients, and then aggressively addresses the issue. This is how I managed to breathe and walk free after having a sever case of granuloma in my lungs and my spine.

What is worse, depending on the development of the disease, this tinny lumps can become not so tinny by clumping together and making several larger groups of lumps. At a point where enough granulomas form in the lung, they can affect how the lung works, which causes symptoms of lung sarcoidosis.

Lung sarcoidosis is not a form of cancer, that is a n important fact to keep in mind.

This website offers you the chance to learn about the only system in existence that was proven to induce sarcoidosis remission, with no dangerous drugs, but just by shifting the chemical imbalance in one small organ in our abdomen. This imbalance was found to have a relationships with the primary triggers of sarcoidosis. Learn about the Aden Protocol by clicking the button bellow.


Phases of Lung Sarcoidosis


Lung sarcoidosis has an active and a non-active phase:

The active phase is the phase when the granuloma actually form and grow. It is in this phase, that symptoms can develop, and scar tissue can form in the lungs.

In the non-active phase of lung sarcoidosis, the inflammation goes down, and the granulomas stay the same size or shrink. However, the scars may remain and cause symptoms.


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Cause of Lung Sarcoidosis


The official medicine states that the  cause of lung sarcoidosis is unknown. They are still indecisive if there are genetic factors or it’s a reaction to something from the environment. But in the Aden protocol, resource book you will learn about the single most important connection that triggers the reaction of the immune system.

There is one specific thing that happens in more then 80 % percent of the sarcoid patients. It is a specific malfunction of a tinny organ in our abdomen called the gallbladder. The discovery of this relationship makes all the difference.


How is Lung Sarcoidosis Diagnosed


Your doctor can determine if you have lung sarcoidosis by taking a detailed medical history and conducting a physical exam, as well as performing several tests. The tests used in diagnosing lung sarcoidosis may include:

In order to diagnose lung sarcoidosis, your doctor may also insert a long, narrow, tube with a light on the end, called a bronchoscope, through your nose or mouth into your lungs to look at your airways and to obtain samples of cells and other tissues for examination under a microscope. This is performed under local anesthesia.


Treatment for Lung Sarcoidosis


The primary lung sarcoidosis treatment method is modern medicine is a steroid called prednisone. It's usually given for many months, sometimes even for a year or two. When used for a long time at high doses, prednisone can cause serious side effects, including:

It can also affect the body's production of certain hormones. In the Aden protocol, things are approached from a very different angle. We address the actual underlying issues, which enables as to slowly cut down the dosage of prednisone as we start feeling better.


Possible Courses of Lung Sarcoidosis

The course of lung sarcoidosis varies greatly among patients:



Some of the lung problems caused by sarcoidosis, (usually only in the most serious cases), can include:


Sarcoidosis is indeed a very serious condition, with life-altering effects. And the modern treatment of the condition has not changed in a very, vey long time. However, there is one system in existence that is proven to send sarcoidosis to remission in more then 80 % of people that tried it. Click the button bellow to learn more about the Adenn protocol.


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